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Behind IFAST



Behind IFAST

Organized by Bill

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Event Details

This event is running from 03 Jun 2017 8:30 AM until 03 Jun 2017 4:00 PM

Behind IFAST

The coaches behind one of the top gyms in the US, are coming to Superior Athletics on Long Island, on Saturday June 3rd, 2017 for the first time ever.

This exclusive seminar will give attendees a look behind the success of IFAST: from assessment to program design, coaching and beyond.

Each coach will bring a unique perspective, to give attendees a real look at the nuts and bolts of working with athletes and general population clients from the eyes of an IFAST coach.

This seminar will be a small intimate seminar with a maximum of 30 seats available. This will give attendees the chance to stop the action and ask questions live and in real time.

We never want someone to come and leave with questions unanswered, this seminar setup will give you all out access to the years of knowledge and best practices developed at IFAST. You will go home ready to be a better and more effective coach come Monday.

Topics will include:

Speed Faults and Fixes: How to coach and program for speed and performance

The science of coaching and cueing at IFAST

Periodization for specific adaptation

Open Forum Q&A

The Coaches Behind IFAST

Jae Chung

Jae Chung is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and is our primary morning coach at IFAST. He initially came to IFAST as a client with 8+ years of debilitating foot pain and a laundry list of other minor injuries. Jae was so impressed by IFAST and its coaches that he moved to Indianapolis to become an intern, and eventually became a full-time coach at IFAST.

Ty Terrell

Ty was born and raised in New Castle, and is the afternoon strength and conditioning coach at IFAST.

Prior to joining the IFAST family, Ty spent three years working directly with Lee Taft, one of the top athletic movement specialists in the world

Lance Goyke

Lance Goyke, CSCS, Pn1 has been a part of the IFAST family since it first opened in 2008. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology and a Personal Training Certificate from Indiana University. He’s currently pursuing a Master’s of Science in Anatomy & Cell Biology, and has served as a USA Weightlifting instructor and an assistant professor at IUPUI.

Tony Giuliano

Tony is the newest addition to the IFAST family! He interned in 2015 before being hired as a coach.

Originally from Long Island, Tony received his Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Exercise Science from the State University of New York At Buffalo and was the performance coach for SUNY Buffalo Rugby in that time. He also interned at Stanford University and Absolute Performance Training in Buffalo, NY.

Providing The Best Experience Possible

The coaches from IFAST and the staff at Superior Athletics will be trying to provide the best day of education possible.

From the all access opportunity, to the use of an 11,000 sq ft space, you will see exactly how to apply topics presented.

Additionally, snacks, water will be provided throughout the day.

This one day seminar will be 8:30-4pm with registration and presentations  along with a no holds bar Q&A session that has no time limit. The coaches are here to answer your questions. The host, Bill Rom, will be leading this discussion and will collect questions from attendees at lunch to help keep the conversation as informative as possible.

We don’t want to put a cap on the Q&A, we want you to dive all in.

What will this look inside of IFAST cost?

The cost of the entire day is $199


For the cost of a single client, you get access and education from the coaches behind one of the most successful gyms in the country!

When we hit capacity, we will not be opening up any more spots. Once they are gone, it’s closed.

This is a rare opportunity to have the coaches from IFAST on the east coast presenting their methods. It may not happen again soon.

You don’t want to miss this day of education, sign up today and learn what makes IFAST what it is!