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Superior Athletics: HS Combine Prep Program

It’s Time To Show Colleges Who You Are


What were your combine numbers?

What’s your 40 time?

What’s your 5/10/5 shuttle time?

How high do you jump?

How much do you bench?

The toughest part of getting on a colleges radar is showing them your skills will play at their level!


At Superior Athletics, we have helped athletes of all shapes and sizes learn the skills and techniques that give them an

Former Superior Athletics Athlete Trevor Coston

Former Superior Athletics Athlete Trevor Coston

advantage when they head out onto the testing grounds.  You see, just like any other test, it is the people who are the most prepared who have the advantage. You can study these tests and get better, and we can help.

Our high school combine prep program will take young football players and give them the advantage they need to shine above the other athletes.

During the Superior Athletics HS Combine Prep Program, you will be showing athletes:

  1. How To Jump Higher and Do a Few Tricks That Add That Extra Inch On Test Day
  2. The Right Way To Start A Shuttle Run That Almost Everyone is Doing Wrong
  3. How To Set Up Your 40 Start For Success
  4. The Techniques That Make Your Last 20 Yards Even Faster
  5. The Right Way To Do A Combine Bench Test
  6. More!

Every athlete who takes part in Superior Athletics Combine Prep Program will also receive video analysis of all of their drills for breakdown, as well as a customized warm-up to prime and prep their bodies for success at their camps and combines.


This Combine Program Isn’t Just About Teaching Technique


Over the 8 week program athletes will take part in 2 sessions a week to go over combine specific events and build combine specific skills. However, every athlete will be given a program to follow in order to improve their strength and abilities.

For those interested, we also have our Elite Player Develop Program available at a discounted rate for those participating. Here, athletes will get even more focus and development to ensure that they dominate in their testing.

If you or someone you know is interested in finding out more about this program or signing up, email us at


We Will Be Limiting This Program To 12 Athletes Total


If you are interested, don’t waste time, contact us today and become Superior. The competition won’t be going easy on you.


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